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Cobra Kit Car
Factory Five Racing Cobra, build to suit turnkey car. Pictured w/302 carb'd, ceramic coated pipes, 5-lug disc brakes & many other options. $34,500 w/warranty.

2001 Corvette Z06
Magna-Charger Supercharged & Intercooled. 450rwhp, Cowl Hood w/purple ghost flames, BAER Brakes awaiting install!

1999 Corvette C5
Twin turbocharged 550 hp LS-1 FC Customs shop car, HRE Wheels, BAER Brakes, upgraded drivetrain.

2004 Hummer H2
Procharger Kit, first 2004 in the US to be Procharged! Dyno-tuned in-house, custom wheels & tires.

1989 Mustang Coupe
Stroked 351 cranking out over 400 ponies! AFR Heads, TrickFlow intake, Lakewood Shocks, Sub-Frames & M.T. E.T Streets all by FC Customs.

LT-1 Chevy S10
Corvette LT-1 powered, Custom Built engine tailored to cust specs. Completely modified from front to back but amazingly retained all "stock" options for that "factory" look.

2000 WS6 Trans Am
Complete STS Turbo Kit. Complete install & tuning done in-house. Currnetly is pushing 400rwhp on a modest 6psi and all stock exhaust!

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